photo : Jenna Rae Photography

photo : Jenna Rae Photography


Yes. Well behaved dogs are allowed, but on our terms because we’re putting our necks out to make this happen. So please read the rules and know that they will be enforced :

  • Well behaved dogs are allowed. Everybody has a nice dog, until they’re not. Aggressive behavior and excessive barking aren’t going to be tolerated. Not everyone loves dogs where they drink, so please be mindful of everyone around you. If we ask you to keep your dog from barking, please be respectful of our ask.

  • ALL dogs must be on leash in public areas. This means everywhere on the property until we’re able to complete the off-leash zone. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. If we have to remind you more than twice, you’ll be asked to take your excellence elsewhere.

  • There will be no longer be an off-leash area in the summer of 2019. Over the last few months, we have had quite a few incidents with aggressive dogs, poorly behaved owners and dogs; and well, lets just cut to it, on leash dog fights. Because of that, we are no longer providing an off-leash space. We tried to make some thing work, and it just wasn’t respected in the way we had hoped. We cannot risk the health of our customers, their children and dogs and our business because of the few that ruin it for everyone. Sorry.



Our license allows children to be on premise. But again, there are some rules to make sure that everyone remembers that we’re a taproom first, not a day care or “PlayPlace”.

  • Well behaved children, absolutely welcome. No yelling, screaming and running through the patio/building will be tolerated. If you wouldn’t allow it at a restaurant, it won’t fly here either.

  • Watch your kids. The patio is nice and the beers go down easy, but please keep an eye on your kids at all times. We are not a day care, babysitter or romper-room.

  • Clean up after them, simple, right? We do have games that can be played by the kids, should you bring them. But make sure they clean up, nobody wants bean bags on the roof or Jenga® blocks all over the patio. Sounds crazy, but it happens often.

  • No kids in the adult only zones. Period. Like we said before, this is a taproom, that happens to be family friendly, so please don’t abuse the privilege and ruin it for everyone. There will be areas that are 21+ only this summer and it will be strictly enforced. We don’t want to see your child catch a horseshoe with their face, I’m sure you don’t either.


  • Depending on the size of your group and the requests you have, we can rent out portions of the space or all of it, if it’s a really big party.

  • Most requests are handled on a first come, first serve basis and we try and hold space.

    • For inquiries about weddings, receptions, family reunions, furry meetups or whatever kind of parties your into, contact Nate :


  • We do not have a kitchen, but we are working with local caterers and vendors to fill a schedule to have food available most, if not all weekends. You can find that schedule in the “events” tab above.

  • You are welcome to bring your own food, anytime. We encourage it.

  • We also have a popcorn machine on site, that we run and provide for free when there is not a food vendor. When food vendors are on site, the free popcorn stops, because, support small businesses.


  • Because we are not a brewer/producer, we cannot by law fill any growlers or crowlers. Sorry. We do have an exceptional can selection for off-premise as well. So check it out.


  • Yeah, it’s outside. We get it. But it’s that good, clean, unpolluted, crisp Tahoe air. Don’t go making it smell like your dirty habit. You know that $hit kills you, right?

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